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Justice In Spades

KWAV 108.5

Global Game Jam 2017's attempt at a CCG/Deckbuilding Roguelike


Tiny tool to help calculate personal grow/burn rates.

Carbs Against Hummus

The unofficial Boulder expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity.

RunLife Analytics

Run smarter with tools, plans, and insights based on data from real runners.

Tic Tac Go

Tic Tac Toe, but in Go!

This very site!

Overwatch Statsbot

It's hiiiiigh noon.

The Glass Game

High-end glassware marketplace.



Harder Better Faster Ipsum

Around the World

Spark Internships

Connection platform for students and internships.

TSA Randomizer

What can you buy for $1,400,000?

Small Sacrifices

Ambience-focused text adventure puzzler.

PICO-8 Breakout

Breakout in the PICO-8 fantasy console.

It Lives!

Warioware Frankenstein builder.


Monty Python murderous rabbit simulator.

Bananacat's Violence

A game that doesn't appear to be violent, but feels violent.

Bananacat's Maniac Mystery Mansion

A co-op point-and-click adventure.


Lovecraftian minimalist browser pop-up window-based maze.

Asteroids 2.0

Fly ship, shoot rocks.

Damn Sharks

Bubbles! Parallax! Submarines! Torpedoes! Sharks!

The Facility

Escape the mental hospital.

Corpse Explosion

Wonderful corpse-popping meat-squishing giblet-slapping sound effects!

Undergraduate Thesis

Improving Educational Game Design Methods: A Rubric to Assess the Engagement and Educational Value of Educational Games


Two teams of marbles trying to attack/defend a shared target.

Heart of the Mountain

I didn't say they were all winners.


Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Metaballs.

Monster Truck Mayhem

Tony Hawk Monster Truck Rally mashup.

Robot Mayhem

Sneak in, grab the chip, get out.

Gish Mechanics

Experiments in soft-body physics.

Jetpack Joe and the Tiny Worlds

Orbital-based puzzle game.


The very first one.