TSA Randomizer


Screenshot from "TSA Randomizer"

You may have recently read about how much it cost to develop the TSA's new randomizer app!

Here's the app in action:

My goodness, that seems like a pretty simple app! I could probably build it, in like, an hour?

So I did. Here it is.

This is the entirety of the JavaScript:

$(".randomizeButton").click(function() {
    $(".arrows > *").addClass("invisible").removeClass("leftArrowAnimate rightArrowAnimate")
    if (Math.random() >= 0.5) {
    } else {

I could have done it without jQuery, but that's more expensive, and we were really trying to fit within the budget here.

(there's a little more HTML and CSS, but I won't bore you with that)

Dilbert 7-18-11