Asteroids 2.0

2014, November 30th

Screenshot from "Asteroids 2.0"

Remember how one of the first games I made was Asteroids? Well I was in the market for a new engine, and I knew that remaking Asteroids would be one of the fastest ways for me to learn a lot.

I ended up using a framework called Phaser, which is a 2D HTML5 framework; a bit of a far cry from the powerful Unity that I was used to. I was really looking for something cross-platform, that was primarily code based (no required IDE), and that used traditional inheritance models for game development (none of the component-based architecture from Unity).

Asteroids 2.0 was slapped together in about 8 hours, starting from no prior Phaser experience. The art is from the Kenney Donation Pack, and the sound effects are from Bfxr.

Play it here.