Corpse Explosion

2013, December 15th

Screenshot from "Corpse Explosion"

For this Ludum Dare, my goals were:

...and I say that I've succeeded on both counts! I learned rudimentary Flixel about a week before the compo started, and I've taken care of myself and got enough sleep during the compo.

I was really, really hoping that the theme would be "Death is Useful" - I've wanted to make a game around the corpse explosion mechanic for a while now. When I drew a (mostly) blank on "You Only Get One," I went with the "You Only Get One Button" idea, and figured I could work it into a game I was really excited about.

Corpse Explosion is exactly what you think it is - kill bad guys, and blow up the bad guys' bodies to kill more bad guys. It's got a necromancer, magic missiles, and wonderful corpse-popping meat-squishing giblet-slapping sound effects.

Play it here.