CSM: iOS Dev Guest Lecture, Fall 2016

2016, November 30th

In late November 2016, my dad (Dr. Bill Hoff) invited me to come give a guest lecture on Web Development to his iOS development class at the Colorado School of Mines.

He wanted me to cover the web development equivalent of what they had been covering in the class - getting some content on the page (with HTML), styling the content on the page (with CSS), and handling user interaction, network requests, and page manipulation (with JavaScript). We wanted to build a small page that would fetch all of the recent loans posted on Kiva.org and display them on the page.

Class started bright and early at 7:30am (yikes!), and I prepared more content than we had time for, but the feedback on the session was pretty positive.

Check out the slides here, and you can watch the full video of the lecture on YouTube.