2016, May 29th

That's usually the first thing that I write, whenever I'm working on a new project or prototyping something out. Sometimes it's <h1>asdfasdfasdf</h1> - basically just my "Hello World!" of new projects.

I'm not totally sure what I want all of these posts to be about just yet! Mostly, I just want to get better at writing. My experience with has been awesome for that - writing 750 words every single day does a lot for my mental health and discipline, but it doesn't encourage me to refine and share what I've written.

I'd like to document a lot of aspects of my life. My experiences on what I have worked on, on what I'm working right now, and what I'd like to work on in the future. Some will be great, some will be...not so great.

I'd also like to just document interesting technical stuff. All my experiences with Node.js and React (and everything else in the JS ecosystem, wheee), but also my experiences with other important "technical-ish" things - web fundamentals, user experience on the web, project management, and the state of software developer interviewing today.

I draw a tremendous amount of inspiration from the posts of Zach Holman and Paul Graham. If you haven't yet, go check out literally all of their posts.

In any case, you can always say hi at [email protected].

Excelsior! 🚀