Robot Mayhem

2012, September 30th

Screenshot from "Robot Mayhem"

CSCI 4830 was offered Fall 2012, and taught by Julien Lynge of Fragile Earth Studios. It focused on exploration of video game theory and design using Unity.

Our first project focused on Unity basics and was aimed at creating a "scavenger hunt" style game, where players had to find a series of objects while getting feedback of some kind, like a health bar or a progress report indicating how many objects they had collected. Here's the full list of games.

Our game, entitled "Robot Mayhem," put you in control of a spy robot tasked with sneaking past the evil lair's automated security systems. It includes lots of collision triggers, a detection level, lighting and particle systems, respawning, time tracking, and music from Mission Impossible and Team Fortress 2.

Play it here.