TSA Randomizer

2016, April 4th

Screenshot from "TSA Randomizer"

You may have recently read about how much it cost to develop the TSA's new randomizer app!

Here's the app in action:

My goodness, that seems like a pretty simple app! I could probably build it, in like, an hour?

So I did. Here it is.

This is the entirety of the JavaScript:

$(".randomizeButton").click(function() {
	$(".arrows > *").addClass("invisible").removeClass("leftArrowAnimate rightArrowAnimate")
	if (Math.random() >= 0.5) {
	} else {

I could have done it without jQuery, but that's more expensive, and we were really trying to fit within the budget here.

(there's a little more HTML and CSS, but I won't bore you with that)

Dilbert 7-18-11