Winds 2.0

2018, May 21st

Winds 2.0 is an open-source podcast player and RSS reader, built in Electron, React, Redux, and Node.js. It was built as a content marketing project - a nice way to show off the capabilities of Stream, as well as provide content and examples for blog posts.

You can download and use it over at, check out the source code on GitHub, and read a bit more about the launch over on the Stream blog.

I spent about 6 months working on Winds - I built about 90% of the frontend, and about 50% of the backend. It was a period of tremendous growth for me - getting to put a bunch of new techniques to work on a big hairy web app, and learning to work with a team of diverse skillsets and abilities.

I have loads of stories that I can tell about Winds, but I think I'll keep it offline for a while - buy me a beer sometime and I'll tell you about it :)